“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness,
starving hysterical naked …” 

 – Howl, Allen Ginsberg 

Sweet sounds for low-lives, by low-lives.

Run by a collective of music-obsessed low lives, Dependent Press is a self-subsisting blogazine which strives to document the struggle of proletarian musicians against debilitating dependencies, capitalistic consumerism, soul starvation, neurotic neuroses, the mainstream media and suburban hipster brats.

Join us for Kool-Aid at dependentpress@gmail.com

Scums of the Zine

DEMETRIA PHLORENTIA is a failing songstress-debutante slipping into the depths of decrepitude quicker than you can say Janis Joplin. Livin’ low within the towering slums of central Singapore, Demi is a skint little green tea bitch who is vegetarian on days she cannot afford meat. With a childhood squandered by relative poverty and familial violence, the daydreams of this brainy, down-to-earth broad includes (in no order of preference): reading Philosophy at a local university, meeting Billy Corgan, and ascending the ranks of bourgeoisie through matrimony. Burdened with the grind of caring for her aged parents and neurotic sibling, she nevertheless tries to repair her non-existent self-esteem by talking art to hard men on the Web.

Wallow in self-pity with Demetria at kerouacsaq@gmail.com

DINO PROMETHEUS is a composer/musician and media artist currently residing in the states which are supposedly united. Since a young age, a destiny for creativity and a complexity towards authority were ignited in him. A strict diet of aspartame, alcohol and nicotine shaped Dino into a ticking time bomb manic-depressive.  Although the old geezer no longer uses these substances, the damage is done, and he is forced to live in the deciduous regions of the Alleghenies with no outside contact and a 56k internet connection.  A death in the family awarded Dino a sound and visual studio. This sick bugger now spreads filth in the form of various mediums, under various monikers across the web.

Talk Dino out of suicide at huetintshade@gmail.com


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